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Q: How often should I change my furnace filter?
Q: How often should I have my furnace and central air conditioning serviced?
Q: Can the furnace and central air conditioner be serviced at the same time or should it be done in the spring or fall before the hot and cold seasons?
Q: How much should I turn the thermostat down at night?
Q: What do I do if my thermostat has problems?
Q: I don’t use part of my house. Can I shut off the registers to that part of the house to save energy?
Q: What should I do when my carbon monoxide (CO) detector alarms?
Q: Is Freon now obsolete in air conditioning units?
Q: What are SEER ratings of air conditioning systems?
Q: What does the AFUE of my furnace have to do with energy efficiency?


Q: How does a Geothermal system work?
Q: Why so efficient?
Q: How about the comfort level?
Q: Is Geothermal environmentally friendly?
Q: Is Geothermal really worth the extra money?
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